Do you have a sweet tooth? Do you enjoy unique and delectable treats? I do!!

After traveling to faraway places seeking specialized medical treatment for a badly injured back, and, of course, for fun, I was exposed to many wonderful delicacies.  Every time I was enjoying a sweet treat, my smile would return and the whole experience would distract me from the pain, wrapping me in a blanket of comfort.   Not to mention the need to keep feeding my sweet tooth!  And that is how ABC Gourmet Sweets began. 

My dream is to bring the same smile-inducing, joy-creating, yum-yum comfort of gourmet sweets to others.  At ABC Gourmet Sweets we go through great lengths to provide the very best gourmet sweets you’ve ever tasted.  Whether it’s our flagship, nationally recognized macarons, our fun gourmet popcorn or any of our fresh, top-quality sweets we believe you too will find the welcome distraction of our sweets.  We strive to use only the best organic ingredients; many are gluten-free, and contain only a portion of the calories of other similar products.  

So slow down and take the time to enjoy one of our top-shelf, gourmet sweets.  We’re sure you’ll be glad you did!

All The Best

Martin C

ABC Gourmet Sweets

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